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Window Replacement will save you hundreds on your energy bills!

Energy-efficient replacement windows can save you hundreds on your energy bill.

Buy with confidence from True View – You’ll get exceptional service from start to finish!

  • A selection of America’s best brands of windows and glass including: Milgard, Simonton, and Plygem – with the latest in Low E technology – perfect for keeping Arizona heat outside where it belongs!
  • Ask for ideas!  We’ll help you decide on which windows and materials will compliment your home.  We’ll listen to you and explore all the possibilities so you get the windows you want.
  • It’s all True View!  We’re on the job from start to finish.  Your windows will be installed by our own AAMA certified Master Installers. 
  • A 15-year track record of excellence!  We invite you to check our reviews, contact the Registrar of Contractors and the BBB.  You’re going to find that our reputation is unmatched.

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Is it time? How do you know?

Here are some clues that will help you decide whether to replace or repair.

  1. Drafts.  If you feel a cold draft in the winter or heat in the summer, your windows aren’t doing their job.  If you have old single pane windows, it’s a given that dual pane windows will help you stay more comfortable and lower your utility bill.
  2. Foggy windows.  If you have older dual pane windows, you make notice condensation or a fog between the panes.  The seal has failed and, unfortunately, the windows should be replaced.
  3. A flickering flame.  Hold a lighter or candle by your windows.  Wondering if you have dual pane windows?  If you see two or more flames reflected, you do.  If the flame flickers, there’s air coming in – hot air in the summer and cold air in the winter. It’s time to either replace the windows – or, if they are dual pane windows in good condition, it might just be time to upgrade to more energy efficient windows with Dual Pane Low E Glass

Is it time for new windows?

Today’s energy-efficient do it all:

  • Lower your utility bill.  Replacing single-pane windows with Energy-star Low E dual-pane windows can save you $400 a year or more.
  • Increase the value of your home.  It’s estimated that you’ll get 70% of the cost of new windows back in increased home value.
  • Enjoy a quieter home.  New windows not only keep heat and cold out – they keep noise out.  Your home is going to be quieter – much quieter.
  • Keep out dirt and dust.  New windows will not only keep your home more comfortable – they’ll keep it cleaner.
  • Protect your belongings. In addition to the energy savings of Low E Glass, if you install Low-E windows, you’ll keep out those harmful rays that fade your furniture and other belongings.  Your things will look better, longer.

True View carries every type of window, every type of glass and a variety of frame materials.  Plus, you get a choice of America’s best brands, Paramount Windows AZ, Simonton, Pella, Milgard, Plygem, Cascade Windows, Jen-Weld, Builders Specialty Products and more.

True View has every type of window.

  • Single Hung and Double Hung windows
  • Horizontal Sliders
  • Casement windows
  • Bay windows
  • Picture windows
  • Garden windows
  • Sliding Glass Doors
  • French Doors
  • Multi Slide Doors

True View has every type of frame.

  • Vinyl – your choice of beige or white in an energy-efficient frame
  • Fiberglass – a wide selection of colors and you can paint them if you change your mind
  • Wood – natural beauty or paint them to any color
  • Aluminum – a thinner frame for your windows

True View can give you the glass you want.

  • Low-E Glass – this special coating keeps the heat outdoors and harmful rays of the sun outside not in your home.
  • Clear Glass – when you don’t need Low-E protection.
  • Reflective Glass – insure your privacy and keep the sun away.
  • Privacy Glass – it not only hides you from view; it comes in beautiful patterns and designs that are perfect for your bathroom or anywhere you want light without seeing in or out.

To make it all simple, when you come to True View, you are dealing with a licensed, bonded and insured glass replacement contractor with a long track record of working with the high heat of our Valley.  They understand how to reduce your cooling and heating costs.  They understand the architecture of the area.  They will help you find the beautiful windows that will enhance the appeal of your home and give you the energy savings you want.

It’s True – True View Windows for all your glass replacement and repair needs.

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