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Complete Window & Sliding Glass Door Repair Services

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Sometimes it’s obvious – the glass is shattered or cracked.  Sometimes it’s annoying – that sliding glass door just doesn’t slide easily or the window won’t stay open.  It’s wasteful – you’re feeling hot air coming in around the window in the summer and cold air in the winter.    It’s unsafe – that window really just doesn’t lock.

There are good reasons to repair broken windows – whether the window appears broken or not!

  • Save on energy costs – windows and doors that don’t operate correctly are probably letting the A/C or heat escape your home and a broken seal, or weather stripping that has deteriorated is letting your cool air conditioned air out and the heat in (or vice versa in the winter).  Fix it!
  • Be comfortable – you want to open that window and let the fresh air in.  Except, that window won’t open.  You choose another chair because the area around the window is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.
  • Increased home value – if it’s broken fix it.  Make it better and the value of your home increases.  It’s that simple.

Whatever the problem with your window, True View can fix it!

True View offers complete repair services, including:
  • Broken glass – we can replace your broken glass. We will have the exact match of your existing glass type, whether it is single glazed or insulated glass.
  • Window lock repair – because your home isn’t really safe and secure unless you can lock all the windows!
  • Window leak repair – you want a lower utility bill and that means you want your windows to keep hot air out in the summer and cold air in.  True View can fix it!
  • Window sash repair – whether your sash is leaking air in and out or if it’s keeping the window from operating smoothly, just call True View.
  • Thermal window repair – you bought your thermal windows so your home would be energy efficient.  Keep them that way for a repair or replacement, call the pros at True View.
  • Dual pane window repair – Whether it’s a repair or a replacement, True View will get the job done right.
  • Sliding glass door repair – From new glass to making it operate easily by replacing the rollers, True View will take care of it.

Historic Home Window Repair
You want to preserve the look of the windows in your historic home.  You don’t want to lose the appeal of the beautifully designs.  Call True View.  They can locate the hard-to-find parts that you need to fix your windows and maximize their life.  But, if the time has come to find a long term solution, True View can work with you to keep the style and appearance of your historic home while you benefit from today’s energy-saving window technology.  We will work with you to find the perfect answer – and our selection of decorative and stained glass may enhance that historic look you love!

No Matter What Kind of Window You Have, True View Can Fix It.
  • Any type of glass
  • Aluminum window frames
  • Vinyl window frames
  • Fiberglass window frames
  • Wood window frames

If it has glass in it and it needs to be fixed, make the call today! True View!

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