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Skylights Can Bring in the Beauty of the Natural Outside Light in a Way That Few Fixtures Can

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Unfortunately, like other windows in a home, skylights occasionally have problems. They do take a lot of abuse from natural elements such as hail and the sun, and over time it is common to have to replace the acrylic dome.

As long as there is nothing wrong with the frame of your existing skylight, it is relatively simple to replace the dome. Or you may chose to upgrade from a single pane dome to a double pane dome. Newer skylights are built in accordance with strict construction requirements but the domes can still crack with impact, especially if they are glass. If your skylight is in an area where it can be easily broken, consider having True View replacing it with a plastic, shatter-resistant dome. These have an advantage of being economical and lightweight.

Hiring a professional is very important since they are often a bit inconvenient to access. Skylight repairs can be particularly cumbersome even for industry experts. But for the last decade True View windows has specialized in skylight repair.

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Skylight Repair Phoenix AZ
Skylight Services Phoenix
Phoenix Skylight Repair

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