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We replace old shower doors and we repair or replace existing shower door hardware. Our technicians will repair your glass enclosure frame or install new tempered glass shower doors, if needed. Come to our showroom and let us help you pick out new glass doors. When it comes to your new shower doors/ tub enclosure, there is more to consider than you think. So you have to ask yourself, what type of custom dream shower enclosure would you like?

  • Clear or Patterned glass?
  • Framed or Frameless or Semi-Frameless?
  • Traditional, Contemporary or Euro styled hardware?
  • Full Tub enclosure with glass walls and doors or just glass shower doors?

True View offers a variety of hardware finishes for your shower doors and glass wall enclosures. True View also stocks many styles of glass, giving you many different options and allowing you to have the flexibility to choose what works best for you and your family. We offer semi-frameless, frameless and framed shower doors. Our trained professionals will make your dreams come TRUE. We will even help you design your Arizona shower enclosure to your needs; while adding elegance to any bathroom in your home.

Once the aesthetic details are determined, our installers gather exact measurements of the area. It is important your shower doors/ tub enclosure be precisely measured. The installation team at True View has decades of experience which allows all work to be performed on-site at your home with materials and supplies delivered by our company-owned trucks.

Once the cut-to-spec glass arrives in our shop, it is carefully fitted and positioned forming the ideal shower enclosure. Our tempered glass shower doors are superior in quality and strength. Combined with precision installation we produce beautiful shower enclosures, that are easy to maintain and will last for many years to come.

Final measurements are taken to insure all glass walls with be ordered in the proper size for your design. All mechanical parts of your new enclosure are thoroughly tested by our master technicians including silicon seals, glass edges, trim joints and contact surfaces. These are key benefits which define our services as a leader in the glass industry.

Follow these simple steps to care for your glass doors/ shower enclosure and you will maintain an elegant appearance:

  • Cleaning: We recommend that all glass and aluminum be wiped down after every use. The best tools to use are a squeegee and a towel. After the glass is wiped down, it’s best to wipe the aluminum with a towel and touch-up the glass. Occasionally, we recommend you clean the glass with either an alcohol or ammonia based glass cleaner. These cleaners should also be safe for use on the aluminum hardware, but always refer to the label for proper cleaning tactics.

  • Towel Bar: Any towel bar that is installed on one of our glass units, should never, under any circumstances be used as a grab bar. The towel bar should not be hung from or pulled on with excessive force. Doing so could result in shower door glass breakage or serious injury.

  • Water Spots: Strange as it may sound, did you know that there is a secret weapon to use on water spots? Believe it or not, vinegar will do the trick. Remove hard-water spots with a small amount of white vinegar, water and a sponge.

  • Abrasive Cleaner: We do not recommend using abrasive cleaners that can scratch or cause defects to either the glass or aluminum hardware. We only recommend using cleaners that are intended to be used on glass doors or aluminum hardware.

  • Water-tight: Our shower enclosures are designed to keep water inside the enclosure under normal showering conditions. With this stated, it is important to understand that all designs are not water-tight or leak-proof. If there is excessive water use or water is sprayed directly at the unit, there is always the possibility of leakage. Speak with one of our experts call 602-429-2172 (TRUE).

  • Excessive Force: The use of excessive force on the shower door could cause glass breakage or serious injury. These glass units are designed to open or slide easily with a limited amount of force. Please call our office for a free quote on all shower door repairs and hardware replacements.

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Take that first step toward a new custom-fitted shower enclosure for your Phoenix home. Pick up the phone today and call to speak with a member of the True View team about a shower enclosure installation.

We also provide window glass repair and custom glass table tops or shelves.

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