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Glass Scratch Repair True View glass scratch repair system removes deep scratches on all types of glass in your home or office. Severe scratches are considered to be those you can feel with your finger tip or fingernail. Because these polishing materials are made up of extremely small particles this method is only effective with fine scratches. Donít be fooled there is no true one step process that can remove deep scratches effectively. True view uses all the latest methods and equipments to get your windows restored and looking beautiful again.

We can handle most scratches on just about any type of glass. Whether itís from one of our Arizona Monsoons, old shrubbery or vandalism, we can have a professional technician at your home or business quickly to make the needed repairs.

Glass Scratch Repair Are you losing business due to moderately to severely scratched or otherwise damaged glass on your building? Itís a well-known fact that customers will often times avoid business establishments with an unsightly appearance. Does your place of business look as good as it should? If it doesnít, thereís a fast and affordable remedy to the situation. Our commercial glass scratch repair team has one goal in mind: to perfectly restore your damaged glass in a safe, professional, and timely manner. Guaranteed! We also provide window replacement and many other types of glass repair services.

There is no job too large or too small for True View of Phoenix AZ. We use state of the art equipment, quality materials and a knowledgeable, trained staff for any size project. Contact us today for a free quote.

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