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True View™ Recommends Fire Glass Chips for:

  • Indoor Fireplaces
  • Outdoor Fireplaces
  • Fire Tables
  • Fire Pits & Pans
  • Aquariums
  • Landscaping

What Are Glass Fire Chips?

Glass Fire Chips are a new alternative solution for fireplaces. This new product is great for homeowners and business owners who have fireplaces, fire tables, aquariums and fire pits. These tempered Glass fire chips are jewel like glass crystals that last a lifetime. They will never melt, burn and most importantly, discolor.

Glass fire chips are growing in popularity among homeowners, designers, landscape architects, and project managers. We offer a large assortment of colors to illuminate the exterior or interior of your home or business.

We supply many different colors of Fire Glass Chips!

Glass Fire Chips Phoenix
Glass Fire Chips
Fireplace Glass Arizona

How are Fire Glass Chips Created?

Fire Glass Chips are appropriately tempered to ensure its quality and its ambient characteristics. Glass sheets of 1/4" , 3/8", and 1/2" glass are new and retain its reflective mirror like quality along with beautiful colors. We offer colored and reflective glass that will not immerse toxic fumes, smoke, ash, or soot into the air, unlike traditional logs and lava rocks. Tempered fire glass chips are recommended for gas fireplaces, fire pits, fire tables, and gas fire pans.

We offer glass fire chips in a variety of colors below:

Aqua Blue Glass Fire Chips Bronze Reflective Glass Fire Chips Black Reflective Glass Fire Chips Starphire Glass Fire Chips Green Reflective Glass Fire Chips Bronze Glass Fire Chips Blue Green Glass Fire Chips Deep Blue Glass Fire Chips Green Glass Fire Chips Azuria Glass Fire Chips

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